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Crappy Int’l Movies in Sueca

The Crappy International Movies in Sueca (CIM Sueca) film festival is a global competitive event aimed at low-budget audiovisuals, both independent and/or non commercial: namely, B and Z movies, trash, gore, underground, etc. The CIM is held by the «Cultural Association for the Second Law of Thermodynamics» in the town of Sueca, Valencia.

We hope to stimulate countercultural audiovisual initiatives to spotlight independent productions which focus on creativity, medium love and sheer fun over technical requirements leading to a ban from commercial mainstream. We aim to establish the CIM as a meeting venue for the unassimilated, the rebellious and the free minds of the audiovisual underworld!

The acronym CIM (which is peak in Catalan) means that, the top of the mountain, the vertex of the iceberg, the summit of the mound. The peak of dung which form the works most battered by the establishment.

The CIM Sueca holds annual bases for Crappy International Movies in Sueca awards to reward the most bizarre creations of the universe.

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